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End to End management for your group transportation needs

A feature rich solution for managing group transportation for school, health services and business' a like, with features like Trip Merging, Passenger Management, a Passenger Portal and A Customer Portal. These allow our customers to manage their trips seamlessly and save costs.

Movit Manual planned trip

About Us

Optigo was started in Helsinki in 2011, as Intoit oy, with the goal of providing a world class suite of products with a focus on the management of group transportation primarily in the health care and school sectors.

Since 2011 Intoit has been growing steadily by a factor of 2 year on year.

Intoit currently provides trip management solutions for an array of industries in Finland including municipalities for school and social sector trips and non-emergency patient transportation for hospitals and clinics which can be aggregated both to taxi companies and NEPT transport providers After continued success in Finland, Intoit oy decide to look to the international market in 2022 and we began our adventure into the UK under the banner of Optigo.

Minibus Trip Planning


Our product suite consists of:

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Movit is a powerful tool with multiple features to help companies manage their group transportation needs:

 -Trip Planning

- Dispatch

- Trip Aggregation

- Passenger Management

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Passenger Portal

Our passenger portal allows passengers to manage their ongoing and upcoming trips including cancellation and tracking trips

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Optimit is a route management that can automatically merge and route trips.

With Optimit manual routing of passengers will be a thing of the past.

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Customer Portal

Our customer portal allows transport planners to manage and create passenger profiles as well as creating and managing trips for schools and hospitals.

Other features include arrivals and departures to see when passengers are picked up and their expected arrival time at their destination.

Mika Soininen, Taksikuriirit

"After implementing Movit at Taksikuriirit, Movit has reduced the time and effort required to plan and route our trips. So much so that we were able to reduce our team of transport planners from three to one. This allowed Taksikuriirit to reallocate these resources to other parts of our business"
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