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Optimit is highly configurable and powerful engine that can Merge trips, link trips and unmerge trips. This can be preformed manually in the Movit UI or automatically as a system job. When running automatically this can done once a day or multiple times a day to pick up adhoc trips that are created and add them to already created trips.

Optimit trip filter before running it


Trip Merging

Optimit trip merging can be be run manually or automatically. This allows you to control how and when this feature is used.

Trip demerge

Optimit can also be used to demerge the already created trips. This allows our customers complete control of their trips and allows them to be agile when then need to be.


Some example of when trips might be demerged are

  1. A sudden influx of additions trips and there could be a better way to optimise these new trips with the existing trip. Optimit will allow you to demerge all trips and reoptimise all of the trips with the new routed.

  2. A sudden reduction in the number of passengers traveling a particular day. Optimit will allow you to demerge all of the current trips and allow your to optimise the new routes with fewer passengers.


Optimit is a highly configurable tool that allows our customers to control many aspects of when and how trips are merged.

Below are some examples for the configuration settings:

  1. Max time passenger can spend in vehicle when merging trips

  2. Earliest departure time for initial pickup and return

  3. Latest departure time for initial pickup and return

  4. Do not merge X passenger

  5. Disallowed pairs - Do not merge passengers from location X with location Y

This is a small sample of options that are configurable.

Optimt execution results

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