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Movit is a powerful product with many features to help companies manage their group transportation and NEPT needs, EG Mass booking create, Mass SMS message to passengers and passenger groups, Trip Planning, Manual and Automatic trip merging, trip importing from Excel amongst others.

Movit reduces the time and effort required to manage hospital and school trips.

Movit Trip Mass Order


Booking creation

Trips can be created in a number ways in Movit. Starting with our easy to use booking form to create trips or with our Excel import tool to import trips en masse or by using a schedules feature to group transportations for a single or multiple locations.

Trip Routing & Planning

Easily create routes by clicking on the passenger trips and plan them to a specific car for dispatch or into the dispatch lane to aggregate the trip for dispatch in your dispatch system.

Mass Cancelation and SMS's

With our Mass cancelation and SMS features Movit allows you to cancel all trips and SMS your passengers in times where this is required for example a Snow day.

Movit Trip creation

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