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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Optigo was started in Helsinki in 2011, as Intoit oy, with the goal of providing a world class suite of products with a focus on the management of group transportation primarily in the health care and school sectors.

Since 2011 Intoit has been growing steadily by a factor of 2 year on year.

Intoit currently provides trip management solutions for an array of industries in Finland including municipalities for school and social sector trips and non-emergency patient transportation for hospitals and clinics which can be aggregated both to taxi companies and NEPT transport providers After continued success in Finland, Intoit oy decide to look to the international market in 2022 and we began our adventure into the UK under the banner of Optigo.

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Our Story

Our team is made up of 14 individuals and expanding regularly, with extensive knowledge of group transportation public and private sectors. Currently working from two location our HQ in based in Helsinki, Finland and a hub in West Yorkshire, UK. With many years in the Taxi and Group Transportation industry our company is filled with some of the brightest minds in the software industry. Even though we have different duties, we put customer success at the forefront of what we are trying to accomplish every day, working together to towards our shared goals.

The Team


Sales Director 

Kari is one of the founders of our parent company Intoit. For the last 10+ years Kari has been leading our year on year growth in the Finnish market through sales and implementations with some of the largest taxi companies in Finland some exceeding 3000 cars. Kari has also lead the way with our international expansion seeing the excellent potential for Optigo to provide revolutionary technology to the UK taxi market. Prior to working with Intoit Kari held many positions in the IT industry from the public sector working with governmental bodies and in the private sector too. He believes that one key to customer success and satisfaction is to promise only what can be delivered, no more.


Chief Technology Officer 

Janne is a founding member of our company and the sole developer of Movit 1.0. Under Jannes guidance Movit has gone from a small startup to the leading ground transportation system in Finland in the space of 10 years. Prior to starting Intoit, Janne was a research and development engineer at Nokia before our CEO, Lauri, came to him with the crazy idea of creating a customer driven ground transportation system to disrupt the then current market and take on its well-established rivals. Excited by the challenge Janne set out to bring Movit 1.0 to life. As CTO Janne now leads a team of highly resourceful software engineers providing excellent products and driving company to new heights within Finland and to our expanding markets.     


CEO and Founder 

Lauri started Intoit in 2008 with the focus on helping businesses to digitise their services and drive innovation. In the first 5 years of Intoit some of the key achievements were creating a CCTV system for one of Finland’s largest timber companies and stock and inventory system for one of Finland’s largest breweries, which is still in use today.


In 2013, Lauri shifted the Intoit’s vision towards taxi industry seeing a gap in the market. This shift would allow Intoit to start developing solutions that would assist taxi companies and councils/municipalities better server their passengers.


Over the past 6 years, under Lauri’s guidance, Intoit has experienced significant growth and has become the market leader in the Finnish ground transportation markets and Intoit has now began to expand into international markets.   


Lauri attributes this success to several factors. First being a focus on recruiting exceptional talent that can execute the company’s vision and provide the much-needed solutions our customers require. The second being cultivating strong partnerships with our customers and working with them to grow our businesses together.


Throughout the company's history, Lauri has remained dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and providing customers with the solutions they need to succeed. Looking ahead, the company is well-positioned to continue to grow and thrive with excellent team.


Chief Operations Officer

Ciarán is leading the charge into new international markets. With a wealth of experience within the taxi industry across multiple international markets. 

In 2008, Ciarán started working in a taxi call centre rising through the ranks within that organisation. 

In 2013, Ciarán joined a world leading taxi dispatch system provider.

During his 10 years there he deployed dispatch systems in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and the US and led the Sales and deployment in the Nordic regions amassing 8000+ vehicles in these regions. 

In 2022, Intoit approached Ciarán with their plan to expand into international markets with a set of products that could revolutionise the management of group transportation trips. On that day Optigo was born. 


Sales Manager and lead project consultant

Tony has a wealth of experience within the transportation industry. Previously a customer, using Movit daily, Tony spent many years in operations for a taxi company in Finland, because of this his understanding of our customers pain points are second to none. Tony is dedicated in leading our customer driven software development from existing customers requests to new customers onboarding and solutions design. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on customer satisfaction Tony is best place to delivery for our clients. 

After many years of driving a taxi, I decided to start my own business HelpBus. In the early days this consisted of two phones one for taking trips and the other for planning the pickups with my drivers. I hired Intoit to work another project and the Intoit team noticed the chaos happening around me. Intoit CEO Lauri suggested that Intoit could create a platform that could help us manage our trips. HelpBus working alongside Intoit began to develop Movit 1.0. Once launched I managed to ditch the two phones and focus on growing my fledgling business.


Today HelpBus has grown to 42 cars, which would not have been possible without Movit. The key strengths to Movit is in the flexibility managing passengers and trips, with the added functionality of merging and route has cut our daily work by a significant amount.


Additional tools created by Intoit in the proceeding years have help us give greater control to our customers with Timit. Timit is a booking and management tool designed for Transport planners in Hospitals, schools, and even private companies. This gives our customers control and oversight creating their trips and removes the need for calls or excel spreadsheets, with the added bonus of reducing the costs for HelpBus by reducing the efforted needed to manage these trips.


Another tool created by Inotit is Rideit which is a parent/passenger portal that allows the passenger/parent to manage their upcoming trips and track the vehicle location on their current trip. This has reduced the number of calls we receive about cancelling trips and calls requesting the vehicles’ location.


To sum it up Movit has helped us grow larger than I ever expected, reduced our costs and have given our customers greater control and oversight with regards to their bookings.

Mikko Nyman – HelpBus CEO

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