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Rideit - Passenger Portal is a powerful tool designed to allow easy management of passenger trips and tracking of on going trips

Rideit allows passengers, parents or guardians to manage their ongoing and upcoming trips giving them a frictionless way to manage preplanned trips with their transport providers

Rideit trip tracking


Upcoming trips

See up coming trips booked for a customer or multiple passengers for your designated transport provider. The end user will also have the ability to cancel a single trip for multiple trips within Rideit

Trip Vehicle Tracking

This allows the parent to track the trip to see where the car picking their child up and also allows the parent to track the trip all the way to the passengers school or hospital to ensure they arrive at the correct destination

Create Trip

It is also possible for trips to be created from Rideit on a passenger by passenger basis. This allows the ability for the passenger to manage their own transportation.

Rideit trip cancellation

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