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Lähitaksi - Helsinki Review of Movit

Lähitaksi Oy is a ground transportation company whos operations are guided by responsibility, safety, and efficiency. Lähitaksi has been operating in Uusimaa, southern Finland since 1965. Our professional drivers also serve in Riihimäki and Lapland. There are over 4,000 local taxi drivers and more than 1,300 cars.

The Lähitaksi group also includes Suomen Lähilogistikka Oy, which is focused on handling Kela trips (Non-emergency patient Transport). Lähitaksi handles #NEPT trips in the following regions Uusimaa(including Helsinki), Hameelinna and Lahti, Kymenlaakso and Lapland.

Lähitaksi Group handles consumer, business, and community transportation from start to finish. Optigo's #Movit platform has been selected as the main booking platform for public rides. The types of trips created with Movit include NEPT rides and Social sector trips for the cities in Southern Finland.

The Movit software platform is, above all, easy to use, simple and fast. Movit has help us significantly reduced our booking creation time from our previous supplier. Movit’s route optimisation and automatic trip merging has reduced our workload and increased the utilisation and efficiency of our fleet, as well saving costs for the government bodies paying for these trips.

Non-emergency patient transportation is critical, and services operate 24/7/365. That's why we have chosen a reliable system as the system and a company with effective technical support and 24/7 on-call in acute failure situations as the operator.

It has been clear from the beginning that Optigo has a desire to develop the system to better meet our needs in cooperation with us. The system is developed professionally and listening to the customer.

Kaisa Rautio

Development Manager.

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